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I am Jeff White and if you are buying or selling a home in Bismarck-Mandan and other areas in North Dakota, Iím here for you.My family and I have been area residents for several years and we love it here. Thereís no better place to raise a growing family, or to grow a business or career. If you want to be part of a genuinely friendly community with a stable economy, excellent schools, and an exceptional quality of life, let me be the first to tell you Ė youíve made the right choice.Personal Approach + Professional ExpertiseBeing a homeowner and resident as well as a Realtor, I am equipped with both personal and professional knowledge and experience. This helps me provide you with proper guidance as you make informed decisions regarding your property.I know how confusing and overwhelming the home-buying or selling process can get. My goal is to make sure that your experience will be as effortless and seamless as it can possibly be. You can expect:Clear, constant communicationAccess to a
1022 East Divide Avenue, # A Bismarck, ND 58501
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