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Pelly Real Estate in San Diego represents buyers and sellers in Residential Real Estate transactions. Call to discuss your needs!Pelly Real Estate provides real estate broker/realtor services throughout San Diego County. Oliver Pelly is a licensed Real Estate Broker/Realtor and an Attorney practicing in San Diego. When you hire Pelly Real Estate, you are hiring a professional who represents your best interest. After 16 years as a litigation attorney, Oliver Pelly has negotiated thousands of matters and will put that experience to work for you. Visit our website at and fill in the email box to receive free current home listings customized to your preferences or, if you prefer, a free comparative market analysis of your home value. We do not make sales calls. We believe our job is to provide you with information, advise you when asked, and let you make the ultimate decisions.
Pelly Real Estate 12520 High Bluff Driv, Suite 220 San Diego, CA
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